Welcome to the Konoba Rustica Garden Website

Welcome to the Konoba Rustica Garden Website!

For the last 10 years, we have specialized in grilled dishes, lamb and suckling pig on the spit, octopus under peka, pasta and other specials that you can see in our menu. We are extremely proud that you have recognized our effort and quality. We grind our own meat, pick our own spices and produce all the specials in-house. We are constantly coming up with new dishes to be able to surprise you every time you come to visit! Very often all of the tables are full and reserved and that is why we introduced delivery. Mega Rustica is something we are always first and foremost best known for! You can order a pljeskavica of 3 or 5 kg, a drumstick roll of 1 kg and our flying BIG BOSS spreads and Geronimoooo! All 40 of our employees will greet you with a smile and do their best to make your visit an unforgettable memory!

We are best known for our charcoal grill that leaves no one indifferent! Gourmet pljeskavice, vješalica rolls, meatballs, ćevapi in a bun, chef's platter, drumstick rolls are just some of our dishes that guests can not get enough of. As we came up with all these recipes ourselves and make all these specialties ourselves, we are extremely proud of them! We believe that they taste even better when the food is served on wooden platters and in good company!

Top offer

Gourmet patty

100% beef patty with pieces of cheese and bacon, covered in bacon strips, cheese and lamb fat)

10,60  €

Ćevapi in flatbread

10 juicy ćevapi made from 100% ground beef meat, prepared according to traditional Leskovac recipe in homemade flatbread

7,80  €

Gourmet ćevapi

minced meat rolls

8,90  €

Chef's platter for 2 people

(small gourmet patty, small Leskovac patty, vješalica roll, 3 meat donuts, 3 ćevapi, suđuk sausage, fries and baked potatoes)

31,00  €

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